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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pred free, baby!

Here's me enjoying an oriental dress that i found in a vintage shop, it's absolutely gorgeous but i have nowhere to wear it yet so i'm just wearing it in my bedroom (not a forest, looks can be deceiving!!)

anyway the reason i post this pic is because my skin hasn't really changed since the last photo update so rather than bore you with pictures of my limbs i thought i'd post one of my face for a change!

Today is the day to celebrate anyway, I took my last 2.5mg dose of prednisalone yesterday,FINALLY! it feels like i've been tapering since forever so i'm really happy that i can FINALLY say I'm steroid free.

So my TSW OFFICIALLY STARTS HERE although I'm already 8 weeks off topicals (yay)

My skin is really really good at the moment, thanks to a fab combination of ciclosporine and no moisturiser, let's hope nothing changes!
Happy healing lovebugs x


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Glad to hear your enjoying your rental skin lol. After withdrawing for 7 months I decided to go on cyclo because I just couldn't take the pain anymore. I am happy I did it because I feel much better; however, I am having a hard time enjoying it because I know its only temporary relief. I am also worried about what will happen to me once I get off of it. Good luck with your journey!!!

    1. Hi! thanks for your comment. i know what you mean about the ciclo, i know this break cant last forever but ive decieded to just try to enjoy it while it lasts, you should do the same! be strong and happy healing xx