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Thursday, 20 March 2014

8 days...

Pred free! 69 days topical steroid free (that is crazy)
So, skin update.. I think I'm flaring a bit. My daily salt baths have started to sting :( honestly when I stopped the pred I had about 5 or 6 days where I didn't rebound at all but I think maybe I'm rebounding now. Or it could just be a normal tsw flare, it's so hard to say! I upped my dose of ciclo when I last went to see my derm anyway so I'm hoping i'll see the results of that soon, unless I've already seen them... Oh it's all so complicated! I'm just going to roll with it; grit my teeth through the worst parts and look forward to the best parts 

Anyway I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks, lots of things to look forward to and to take my mind off things, I've been feeling really self conscious lately which really isn't like me :/ hmm

Hope everyone is doing well 
s x


  1. I'm proud like a mama haha! Kick that tsw's big fat arse ;)

    1. thank you! i'm proud like a mama too, we're fighters ;) x

  2. Hey, i'really want to start my tsw but i'm scared shitless! i found your blog whilest looking into using ciclo and oral medications to ease the process and I hope mine turns out much like yours!
    would you mind speaking with me about your journey and give me some help as I try to make a plan?
    my email address is zoemaker@hotmail.com
    thank you :))))