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Monday, 28 July 2014

Rock, Taper, Scissors

So the day is finally here..I'm starting to taper off ciclosporine!
It's really scary but really exciting. The derm was a bit reluctant as I still have some signs of stubborn eczema and my bloods are great with no sign of any crazy side effects or anything. But I want to start making the change while I can. I'd much rather start to taper slowly while I'm in a good position to do so than have to stop abruptly for whatever reason. I've been on ciclo for 6 months now and on my maximum dose for 4 of those months which is enough.
I've reduced from 300mg daily to 250mg daily - not a huge jump but just the fact I am starting to taper makes me happy :)
Hopefully I won't see too many crazy flares and I can continue tapering. I want to be totally off ciclo within the year if possible.

In other news my package from the Home Apothecary arrived today (see my second-to-previous post for more info) and I couldn't be more excited! The parcel itself just smelled amazing and I can't wait to have a long salt bath and cover myself in yummy smelling all-natural balm!

I guess today is one of the good days.
S x

Saturday, 19 July 2014


A great little video, credit to Corinna Lee from one of the great TSW Facebook groups I'm a member of.
Sums up the medical community brilliantly I feel!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Day 188 photo update

As promised here's a photo update! My skin is doing so well now, couldn't be happier, so smooth. I look a bit weird, keep stroking my skin in public!
Here are some before and after photos, most of the before photos were taken around 3 weeks ago. It's worth noting that I'm still on ciclo, but I was when I had these flares too so I think there must be some natural healing going on too!

(Bottom left taken today)

(Bumps on the left, couldn't even see my tattoo my skin was so bumpy and elephant-like! Right is today)
(My neck and d├ęcolletage are two of my biggest problems,  they're so smooth right now! Right was taken today)

So yeah I'm super happy with the way things are going. I have a derm appointment a week on Monday and I'm going to discuss reducing my ciclo-finally! My flare 3 weeks ago was one of my worst but it was worth it, as it always is.

I hope everyone's doing well, it's so hard to push through sometimes when you feel like you'll be in a flare forever but I've got faith that we will heal, keep on keeping on :) x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Home Apothecary

So thought I would make a post to say that i have FINALLY made my first order from the cutest little store The Home Apothecary.

I've been in touch with the store owner - who is the sweetest by the way! - since near the beginning of my journey with TSW and have wanted to order for so long, and I finally made my first order today. For those of you who aren't familiar with The Home Apothecary and her beautiful son Isaiah's TSW journey please do have a little look through their blog - Isaiah Quinn

I've ordered the Lemongrass, Grass Fed Tallow and Boo Boo balms, heard amazing things about these handmade totally natural products and I'm super excited for them to arrive. My skin has been doing really really well at the minute, some lovely smooth areas and just a few stubborn areas I want to work on and I think the balms will be perfect for that. I have these weird little bumpy bits that I believe are common in TSW that I really want to get rid of before I get another crazy flare and I've heard the lemongrass can be great for this as well as helping to fight staph infections.

I'll keep everyone updated and if you have a chance go check out The Home Apothecary's store, particularly if you live in the US, I live in the UK so I'm off to harass my postman.

Happy healing everyone x

ps, i plan on doing a photo update in the next few days!