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Monday, 28 July 2014

Rock, Taper, Scissors

So the day is finally here..I'm starting to taper off ciclosporine!
It's really scary but really exciting. The derm was a bit reluctant as I still have some signs of stubborn eczema and my bloods are great with no sign of any crazy side effects or anything. But I want to start making the change while I can. I'd much rather start to taper slowly while I'm in a good position to do so than have to stop abruptly for whatever reason. I've been on ciclo for 6 months now and on my maximum dose for 4 of those months which is enough.
I've reduced from 300mg daily to 250mg daily - not a huge jump but just the fact I am starting to taper makes me happy :)
Hopefully I won't see too many crazy flares and I can continue tapering. I want to be totally off ciclo within the year if possible.

In other news my package from the Home Apothecary arrived today (see my second-to-previous post for more info) and I couldn't be more excited! The parcel itself just smelled amazing and I can't wait to have a long salt bath and cover myself in yummy smelling all-natural balm!

I guess today is one of the good days.
S x


  1. Good luck!!!!! Do you feel like the ciclo helped??

    1. Thank you! Honestly the ciclo has been a lifesaver. I still flare while on it but my symptoms are so bearable, I haven't had to take any time off work or anything like that. If you have a scroll through my blog there's lots of posts about my experience of it but it really has been a good one. I don't know if I could have got as far as I have without it x

  2. Hoping that it's a smooth transition for you!!