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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Look what I just found...

...in an old bag of mine 

At least I have something I can burn if I ever get cold... ;)

Straight in the bin for you mr repeat prescription!

Friday, 18 April 2014

DAY 99

Tomorrow will be day 100 but it's my housemate's birthday and i don't plan on coming on here to blog so i'll just celebrate 99 days the same way i would 100 :)

Things are going okay, i just got out of possibly one of my worst flares since i started, it was horrible but it's passing now and i'm just flakey and scaly again which i can deal with.

i keep meaning to come on here and do a much-procrastinated post about MW but i never get around to it. I'm definitely going to write a detailed post this week 

Lots of bank holiday & easter love!

S x

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Happy 3 months to me!

Today marks my 3rd month off topical steroids! Big milestone :)
I'm sure some of you who follow my progress will know that when I quit TS I was actually hospitalised and put on a short course of oral steroids which I had to taper down, so although this is a big milestone I'm actually only 1 month steroid free but I'm still proud I've reached this milestone!
When I first started this journey I was reading the blogs of people who were so far into their progress and never imagined I would have the strength to make it to those markers, but the time has gone so much faster than I imagined and I'm optimistic for the future.

Just a short one for today really, I want to do a post soon about MW, there's always a lot of questions surrounding it and I'd like to have a blog post of my own that I can refer to when I'm asked questions. I'll do a bit of an update on where my skin is at then too.

Hope everyone is doing well
S x