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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Feelin' Purple

So today I post this song because it's appropriate (and also because it's great!)...I'm definitely feeling (and looking) kinda purple!

I'll post some photos for you here but the colour really doesn't show..I'm a lovely shade of violet really I am!
I'm flaring now, I'm sure of it. All the joint areas are suffering a bit, like insides of my elbows and my wrists are particularly sore, but I'm..ready for it...2 weeks steroid free! and 75 days topical  steroid free. I'm also well into MW now too, I can't remember how far, i think 3 weeks or a month?
Oh and I've got a bit of sexy elephant skin going on on my hands now too...here's the photos

Anyway even though it looks and feels bad today I know this is a cycle and I trust the process so I'm keeping a sense of humour and positivity about me.

How's everyone doing?
S x

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