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Saturday, 8 March 2014

A little lesson

Just a short post...
I learned a little lesson today. Woke up this morning with a dry flaky and itchy face and i had to go out and face the world so i thought "why not put a little moisturiser on my face underneath my make up?" 
as soon as i applied the moisturiser the dryness disappeared and my face looked smooth...
fast forward a few hours and my face is SO red and itchy >:(

I definitely won't be moisturising anywhere else for a while!

EDIT: thought i'd add a little photo update of how much better i'm doing since I stopped moisturising...

First photo was taken today, 9 days after I last moisturised, second photo you might recognise from a couple of posts ago. Obviously it's not perfect, there's some faint scratch marks where I've gone a bit crazy in the middle of the night and obviously it's a little dry but the colour difference is the most noticeable thing, I'm not really that red at all!

How is everyone doing? 
S x


  1. I'm doing MW as well and am feeling much comfort! Done it for a week now. Still itchy but not as bad as before!
    Yay to us :-)