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Monday, 31 August 2015

LDN Week 2 Update

So as promised here is my week 2 update on LDN. Nothing much to report, I am still taking a 1mg dose at 9pm. I have noticed that if I take it any later than 9pm I really struggle to sleep so if I am to stick with night time dosing this time is obviously best.

Skin on my body has remained stagnant but I have seen a lot of improvement in my face.

The rest of my body is...meh. Still itchy and sore in my 'bad' places. Hoping to see some changes when I up my dose to 1.5mg tonight :)

More updates to follow :)

S x


  1. You look beautiful! I am praying for miracles with TSW & LDN! Mostly I find it stops the terrible swelling and that helps reduce the intense bone itching. Other than that I find the progress of RBSS continues.

    1. Thank you <3 i hope it is a miracle workre too! I'm going to be posting an update this week x