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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Radiate Positive Vibes

Sorry about the miserable, stressed out last post, I promise to be more positive in this one...

So my skin is definitely not enjoying the combination of being off antibiotics and reducing pred. It's flaring like crazy, but mainly just my upper half, my legs are sort of ok so I can be grateful for that at least! The only positive is that by this time next week I will finally have finished reducing the oral sterods meaning my journey can properly begin. I know this means I'm going to be suffering a lot but after so long of reading about how far into withdrawal people are getting already and how strong and brave they are being I'm really just ready to get started again. I feel like I'm in so much more of a better place than I was when I started withdrawals last time and I'm ready for whatever's thrown at me.

This week I'm starting something new that I know is VERY controversial (no arguing in my comments section please! ;)) but I've decided to go without moisturiser on my body and see how I get on. I made this decision when I took a lovely long oatmeal bath on Tuesday which made me feel so soothed and relaxed, then covered myself in 50/50 (white soft paraffin and petroleum) and proceeded to itch and burn myself into a frenzy resulting in me being bright red like a tomato and covered in hives. No fun. This moisturiser has usually helped me lots, it's very hydrating, but I think at the minute my skin just can't tolerate it. So, after my shower today I simply jumped out and put my pjs on without putting any moisturiser on -well "jumped out" makes it sound quite relaxed and easy, I was actualy wincing in pain like I always am after the shower, my housemates have learned not to be alarmed if they hear screams of pain emitting from the bathroom ;) 
Anyway I actually alraedy feel much better for it, my skin feels clean and calm and not itchy at all so we'll see how I get on 

Radiate positive vibes and happy healing everyone.
Love, S x


  1. Yay, I'm glad you are back!
    Lets kick tsw's ass really hard this time!!

    1. Happy healing to the both of you! It will all be worth it in the end! You'll be rewarded with nice smooth skin ;) x

    2. thank you! the thought of nice smooth skin keeps me going :) x

  2. If you're trying MW. Try taking baths with dead sea salt or a combo of DSS and oatmeal. Then letting it dry on your skin, as opposed to rinsing off, after the bath. I was worried I would smell, but i haven't had anyone complain and I feel almost normal.

    I generally avoid straight showers, or rinsing after a bath. It ends up irritating damaged skin and makes for a unpleasant time.

    1. thanks! one thing tho, i've found that dead sea salt baths sting and make me itch a lot, any idea why that is :(? x

    2. I didn't start DSS bath until month two. It was the middle of a terrible flare. I was really worried the salt bath would sting my raw skin. But I was very surprised that my first bath soothed me with minimal to almost no stinging and began some minimal healing throughout a couple of days.

      Everyone is different, so there could be many reasons for the stinging and the after itch. Is the itching during or after the shower? Maybe you're using too little or too much salt? The recommended amount of salt for a bath is 2lbs or 1kg.

      Have you tried allowing the bath water to dry on your skin and not rinsing? Is there a difference?

  3. Keep going , sounds like your well prepared for this and that will realy help . All the best in your recovery .