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Friday, 10 January 2014


So I'm still awake and I just wanted to write a post about someone who has been really helpful to me in my already long journey for healthy skin.

I was up late googling eczema (as per usual, seriously, my browser history is shameful) and I came across this video:

I watched the video and related so much to Wilding (the guy in the video). Like him, I dream of healthy skin and find myself staring at people's smooth skin in envy (I know, I must look so odd). Anyway, I realised that Wilding wasn't actually going to reveal his skin secrets in this video and just assumed that this was another one of those things I would have to part with money for just to read a few pages in an E-book containing information I already knew. But, I stuck it out and followed his instructions and found out that it is totally free to read his E-book online once you sign up to his mailing list.

Even though I am now convinced that what I am suffering with is Red Skin Syndrome, I do still have flare ups of eczema too and Wilding's book has helped me to open my eyes and finally make the step to change my diet. Not only that, but his regular emails are so inspiring and supportive, I really wanted to give him a mention on my (admittedly very new) blog so that others can put themselves in touch with him and benefit from this guy. He's an inspiration!

S x


  1. Hey Sarah,

    Thanks so much for the mention and the kind words :)

    Your blog looks great and I'm really glad I could have helped in any way. Good luck on your TSW journey and if you ever have any more questions I'd be more than glad to help out.

    You're awesome!


  2. No worries at all, I had to do it you've been so helpful :)

  3. Wanted to spread te word, if I hadn't found your book I wouldn't have started researching about tsw so I'm very grateful :)