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Friday, 10 January 2014

Day 1, Shopping...and Burning

So I suppose this is officially day 1 of my TSW journey. My hydrocortisone, eumovate, fucibet and betnovate (yes I was on all those steroids simultaneously) are all in the bin out of my reach and instead i decided to go into town for a bit of retail therapy and to pick up some helpful things for my healing!

Even though it's only been 24 hours since I last used steroids on my skin, it is already tight, red and giving off heat like a radiator! Seriously, I live in a big draughty house and I feel like I could quite easily heat it just by being sat in my bed. I'm so itchy and raw and all I want to do is sit in bed alone but I have friends coming over tomorrow so I'm determined to keep my spirits up for that.

Anyway, here are the things I bought today.

I decided I wanted to buy some calamine lotion to soothe the burning of my steroid-free skin so I headed into Boots but was told they only had a calamine and glycerin cream. I checked the ingredients and there's nothing sinister in there so I was happy to purchase it, we'll see how I get on!
Then I popped into a lovely vegan & vegetarian cafe for lunch where a close friend of mine works and after spoiling me with lots of dairy and gluten free treats she recommended that I also buy some rosehip oil as this has worked wonders on her skin in the past. So, willing to try anything, that's what I've done!

I also bought some ridiculously inappropriate shoes to compensate for my ridiculously inappropriate skin and a lovely white t shirt which I plan to wear when there's no longer the risk of me bleeding/flaking all over it (lovely I know!)

Anyway I'm home now, covered in calamine and rosehip oil and burning up like a radiator and I'm very conscious that this is only the start...
I may well just hibernate!

I'm planning on uploading some photos tomorrow for my "before" pictures, so there's something to look forward to ;)

S x


  1. Fucibet..oh yes...I remember it well. I stuck it on my face for a WHOLE YEAR!

    Silly me. I'm still regretting it now.....!

  2. Fucibet is potent, i was prescribed it for years as a child, makes me so angry to think about my mum putting it on me every day not knowing the damage it would cause!