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Thursday, 16 January 2014

There is such a thing as heaven...

...and it exists in an oatmeal bath.
oh my LORD I have never experienced anything so soothing in all my life, I can't believe it's taken me til now to try one.

So I'm in day 6 and I can't believe how bad my skin is...but I really can't be bothered to talk about that today. We all know how hard it is so I want to talk about some of the positive about my day instead :)

1. My new work friends really are lovely and so understanding of my TSW. They're happy for me to have a moan all day long and they understand when I look a bit down and offer me support. I've only known these girls less than a week so I really am so so grateful.

2. I went shopping after work and bought some new pjs and new bedding...NEVER underestimate the powers of fresh bedding. Even though I know tomorrow all my lovely new bedding will be covered in my crazy flaky skin it's still nice to experience it until then ;) 

3. OATMEAL BATH!!! Seriously, I'm sure most of you already have but if you haven't, try this NOW. I wanted to stay in that bath forever I was so content. And afterwards even though I feel no less dry or tight I just feel a lot less CALM and happy in the knowledge that there is something I can do to soothe the crazy itching and burning.

4. My housemates are amazing. One just made me an amazingly healthy juice to drink which I did right before I settled down with a gluten and dairy free cherry bakewell and a soya hot chocolate (the things we do for our skin eh!)

5. Tomorrow is friday!

So there we have it, 5 positives to weigh up all the horrible negatives that go through my head daily. I still can't believe I haven't even done a week of this yet! You people who have passed the year mark are so brave and inspirational, I have lots of respect for you and I hope I have the strength to join you.

S x


  1. Lovely post. It's been ages since I had an oatmeal bath, but you inspired me to have one now!

    Hate cleaning out the tub afterward though!

  2. Hi Sarah! I haven't ever tried an oatmeal bath either. must put on the to do list :) Best wishes for the journey, it is tough but worth it when we are on the other side!


  3. Hi Sarah, I have done oatmeal baths off and on for years and they do help soothe the skin for sure. However, I have only done maybe two in 7 months of TSW. I found Dead Sea salt baths to be much more effective for certain things like healing open wounds and drying oozing areas. Even healing small spots of steroid induced eczema quite quickly. Not to mention all the other wonderful benefits they have. I have no idea if you are moisturizing or not, but I just wanted to let you know I have plenty of information on the subject, including my own experience and opinions, as well as others, and hope you will review my blog time permitting. You may want to use moisturizers and you may not want to. Be sure to read up on the different studies available on the subject to make an informed decision for yourself. Best of luck in your journey!


  4. Hi everyone, thanks for all your lovely comments, sorry I've been slow at replying I've been suffering quite a lot these past few days. Thanks for all your support it means so much..

    Dan, I've not heard of dead sea salt baths, do they not sting the skin rather than soothe? I just think of how open and sore my skin is and can't imagine putting salt on it :( Where did you buy it?
    I am moisturising at the minute yes but i know there's a lot of debate around whether I should or not, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks everyone
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sara,

      I'm glad you have an open mind. Keep it that way so you can decide what's best to do for yourself in spite of all the confusing comments from people on this subject. Look over my blog where I have posted tons of info on the benefits of dss, how to use it properly, how it doesn't irritate the skin but soothes it, where to buy the right salt at the lowest price, etc. Everything you need to know is there but I am always available for you if you have any questions at all. Please be sure to look over some of the links I have on the right side of my blog about effects of moisturizing on the skin barrier.

      If you have lots of skin breaks and continue to moisturize you will find you will be very miserable for a very long time and your skin will practically drive you insane. Those breaks will take many months to heal, but if using dss baths (correctly), and a couple other things, you can heal those breaks within two weeks flat. It won't cure tsw but it's the difference between spending months in misery as opposed to spending that time in relative comfort and normalcy.

    2. Thanks for your reply dan
      I am definitely interested in the benefits of MW but since I'm already going through so much pain and hell in this early stage of TSW I really am scared :( do you have Skype or any form of messaging service? I really would love to talk to you about this in more detail
      Sarah x

    3. Hi Sarah, I apologize for calling you "Sara" earlier. I just noticed the H. I understand the fear as I have been there. Difference was, I had no info to rely on at the time so my fear and doubts were even more difficult to manage. I have my blog set to "moderate comments" right now so please send me your email addy and I'll email you right away. It won't be published.