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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Is it worth it?

So, checking in after a long, long break! Things are really so great right now that I forget all about TSW for long stretches of time - something I never thought would happen. I have successfully reduced down to 7.5mg of MTX  a week (down from 20mg a week) and my skin has never been better. There are parts of me I thought would never heal that are silky smooth and total non-issues now. It is magical and, to me, so worth the wait. I am by no means healed, I won't feel comfortable using that label for a long time, and certainly not before I'm finished with immunos. But I feel happy with my progress & hopeful as my 4 year anniversary approaches in Jan 2018!

Recently, a close friend asked me if using steroids was my biggest regret in life. I didn't even have to think about it. I don't regret using steroids. For starters, the decision was not really made by me, doctors have been prescribing the creams since I was 3 months old. But in a general sense, I don't regret my steroid use and subsequent TSW. TSW has taught me a lot of things about my body, about modern medicine and about patience, and those are lessons I will carry with me. I've also met some fantastic people along the way who have supported me, people who are so generous and kind. I feel lucky to have met them! As if that wasn't enough, my skin has never been better and I can finally feel that there is an end in sight. So no, I have no regrets. And YES! It is absolutely worth it :)

As previously mentioned I am a bit rubbish at checking my comments here, so if you want to get in touch just drop me an email at sarahecg@gmail.com

S x

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