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Sunday, 18 January 2015

1 year

(and a bit! - i meant to post this over a week ago, oops!)

So January 10 2015 marked 1 YEAR OFF TOPICAL STEROID CREAMS!
I know..I can't believe it either. I know it gets said a lot but when I started this journey, I read blog posts like this one SO enviously, I just couldnt imagine getting here, but I'm so glad I did and I don't regret any of it.
There isn't really much to report photo wise, my skin has been near-perfect for months, I actually just started to get a little flare on my worst bits (my torso and neck) but it's been nothing like what it used to. I am still on ciclosporin though so I guess we can see how it goes once I aren't anymore.
It's also worth noting that I've only been off ALL steroids for 10 months (I was on a 2 month course of pred after 1 week of TSW) so maybe that's why I haven't had my dreaded anniversary flare yet.
I've been SO terrible at updating this blog, but to be honest you can just take that as a testiment of how well I have been doing, it's nice to not obsess over facebook groups and blogs, life is normal and pretty great :)

So for those of you still fighting the good fight, I hope you're pushing on - can I call myself a vet yet?! Haha. And those of you just starting out...PLEASE don't be discouraged by this post, by the length of time it takes because it does get easier, and time just flies!

Lots of love, and thank you to every single person that's been there for me in the past year, it's been difficult but so so worth it :)
S x

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