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Thursday, 9 October 2014

TSW Month 7, Photo Update

(9 months off Topical Steroids, 7 months off all steroids)

So I thought it was about time I finally posted a photo update! I got back from holiday in July and showed you all how great my skin was thanks to some sea and sunshine - unfortunately what followed that was my longest flare to date. I'll post the photos of my flare and then I'll post the photos I took today. Most of the worst photos from the flare were taken around 2 weeks ago. I finally started to get a break a few days ago and I am REALLY enjoying it :)

Since my flares are MAINLY localised on my upper body thats what I've included photos of. My legs have been mostly clear since around week 6 TSW (I'm going to include a comparison of this at the end too) My arms didnt look too different to be hoenst during this time it was mostly my back and torso that i suffered with.

Less chat, more photos!

During the flare

Its kind of annoying that the camera can't seem to capture just how much PAIN and discomfort I was in. The skin was so raw and sticky, I could hardly get dressed in the morning.



So there we go! Super happy with my healing at the minute, that was one of the worst flares I've suffered and it really got me down. 

Also my legs are literally so smooth right now, theyve been clear for a while now but they are literally perfect at the moment. Here's a comparison of before I started TSW and now:

Healing happens. I know it seems crazy and unlikely and horrible but we just have to stay strong and keep smiling.

Lots of love.
S x


  1. Wow! Such progress! Beautiful progress!! Hang in there sweet friend.. so glad this flare is on its way out for you! xx

  2. Great progress! The leg photos really show how far you've come. My legs were first to heal too and have remained clear.

    You are doing so well! I'm proud of ya girl! X

    1. Thanks so much Louise! I think my legs are over the worst. I still flare on my thighs and behind my knees but generally the texture of them is great. Never thought I would see the day! And never thought I would make it this far when I came across everyone's blogs and made my own. Time flies! I'm proud of us all :) hope you are well xx