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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Guest Post - TSW - Some tips from a survivor

Melissa Hawira is a health writer and founder of Top Eczema Treatments (http://topeczematreatments.com), a website dedicated to helping people overcome eczema naturally.

Hi Guys, 

My name is Mel and I want to firstly send a big thank you to Sarah for allowing me to write for her blog, but more importantly for creating this blog in the first place.

Like Sarah, I decided to undertake Topical Steroid Withdrawal and found the greatest weapon that I had during the worst of it was the ability to connect with others going through the same issues and being able to read their blogs and relate to their stories. There’s a lot to be said for the opportunities which the internet and social media provide us during times of need.
As of today I’m in month 16 of TSW and am feeling fantastic, but that was following a great deal of suffering, patience, persistence, sacrifice, and trial and error on my behalf.

I learnt so much during this time but I wanted to quickly touch on a few of the important lessons I learnt.

1. Diet, diet diet!

For me, and in fact many people with inflammatory issues, the severity of my symptoms were often linked to the health of my digestive system. I noticed a direct connection with what was going into my gut vs. what was happening to my skin and although this is not the case for everyone, it certainly was for me.

Finding the offending foods meant I could manage my symptoms better and give myself the best support for my body while it suffered the worst times, and help rebuild healthier cells and a healthier ‘future me’. 

2. Vitamin D3/Sunlight

Vitamin D3 otherwise known as 'get some sun' was not a magic bullet, but it was certainly an important tool in my TSW fighting tool kit.

I thought this was an important topic to cover in detail also because I found lots of people were naturally gravitating towards sunlight, so it was worth investigating. 

Turns out there are loads of people who notice their skin symptoms improve when they get some rays – so I researched, wrote an article and created a little video titled 'Does tanning help eczema?' (topeczematreatments.com/does-tanning-help-eczema)

3. Sleep

For me, losing sleep during TSW was as painful as any of the oozing and bleeding. Without sleep, the body will not be able to heal as efficiently, while insomnia can cause a whole world of stress and psychological issues of its own.

Insomnia happens for a few reasons during TSW, so it was important for me to support my adrenal glands with correct diet, support my comfort levels by (at this stage) not using any moisturisers or bathing, try to stay off computers or TVs before bed to support the natural circadian rhythm, and find a good quality valerian supplement to temporarily help me relax.

This is a complex and traumatic process the body goes through so for those of you just starting out, please be kind to yourselves and give your body the time and care it needs to reach its full healthy potential.

Thanks for reading and I wish you the best on your TSW journey.

Mel x

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  1. Yes a healthy diet, consisting of low carbs, low saturated fats and good protein can help the skin tone. Also, remember lots of fresh veg and fiber. This means you do not have to rely on multi-vitamin pills.

    Sleeping well is also great for the skin as well as overall well-being and energy levels. Anadrol